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Or, if you want CNC files, we sell those to individuals for $350. The dxf files cost also includes the hull license & pdf plans.
If you want to spend the $100 now for the pdf plans, we will deduct the $100 off the dxf files, should you decide you want the CAD files.

We also sell full sized waterproof paper templates made of Tyvek (used to wrap outside layer of houses prior to final finish). Please see our purchase page. Again, if you want to spend the $100 now for the pdf plans, we will deduct the $100 off the Tyveks, should you decide you want those in the future.
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Explanation of the six versions (graphics of which can now be seen on the About Page), so you can specify A1 – A6 for your Tyveks or Kits. (RULES at i550.Class.org have now changed to include all hull and cabin configurations and fiberglass as well.) All PDF plans include all 6 versions and are in metric as well as imperial (inches, feet etc.) measurements

A1 Full Cabin with Narrow Cockpit. This is the original configuration typified by TTB. This model sails as a Trailer sailor in Australia.
A2 Full Cabin with Wide Cockpit. This version widens the cockpit of A1 for more working room in the cockpit. The tradeoff is less room below.
A3 Half Cabin with Narrow Cockpit. The original Half Cabin configuration. Cockpit is 14 inches longer fore and aft than A1. Illustrated nicely by Alchemy.
A4 Half Cabin with Wide Cockpit. Half Cabin with wider cockpit. The same cockpit width as A2 but the length of cockpit is extended 14 inches forward as per A3.
A5 No Cabin with Narrow Cockpit. Rounded foredeck configuration. Cockpit length same as A3 and A4. Cockpit is the same as the A1 narrow version.
A6 No Cabin with Wide Cockpit. Rounded foredeck configuration. Cockpit length same as A3 and A4. Cockpit is the same as the A2 and A4 versions.

We’re now up to Hull License #578 with the latest plan set going to California.

If you do a google search for i550 blogspot, you’ll see there are 91,000+ entries for building and sailing blogs from all over the planet.

The speed i550 build video has gone viral, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDs_BKdYjaQ
Happy Sailing!
Tim Reiter & Susan James

Kit, ready to ship

Kit, ready to ship

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If you buy your plan set from anyone other than us, please check with us first to see if your hull license will be honored. If you bought them from a private builder & we can verify it, those plan sets will be honored. Please email us if you have any further questions.